My Recommended Tools and Resources

Nozbe is a GTD-based productivity system that I use for managing tasks and projects. It can help you manage your entire task list for both home and work. The app can be accessed from your computer, a mobile device, or tablet. If you want to get more done every day and get some clarity, I highly recommend this product.

VoIPO is a internet-based telephone service which offers a variety of features both for home and business. I use the service for my home phone and was able to reduce my bill from approximately $35.00 a month to $6.00. I was able to port my same landline phone number and have all the calling features I need including voicemail. I also use the service for a second phone number that supports my business. It is a must have and one of the most reliable and economical out there.

Fizzle offers Just-in-time courses for every step of your indie business. It’s like but better because it’s focused just on independent businesses and we’ve built the community right into the learning — this is where people are finding support, accountability, mastermind groups and more. I love my Fizzle membership and the community it brings together.

Namecheap is a domain name registrar. If you are looking to get a domain name for your blog or small business such as, this is the go-to spot. I use Namecheap for all of my domain name registrations. It offers an easy-to-use management interface, and their support is top notch.